Building science is the compilation of knowledge and experience that concentrates on the scientific study of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. Traditional aspects of the building included are building materials, building envelope, indoor air quality, HVAC systems, acoustics, lighting (natural and electrical), and the efficient use of energy. The practical purpose of building science is to optimize the performance of new and existing buildings, emphasizing state-of-the-art maintenance techniques, to understand and prevent building failures, with the expectation of guiding the intelligent design of new construction.

Building Science is the combination of disciplines that concern themselves with the knowledge and proper function of buildings in response to naturally occurring phenomena such as the weather (sun, wind, rain, temperature, humidity), and nature-related issues: freeze/thaw cycles, dew point/frost point, moisture/water migration, including subterranean conditions such as potential for soil erosion, and ground-water activity, frost or condensation penetration.

In light of no certifications available for Building Science practitioners by nationally-recognized certifying bodies, the American Institute of Building Science Professionals (AIBSP) seeks to further the education of like-minded people and to provide an exchange of information and ideas. AIBSP continually pursues the best methods of educating those who are looking for a better understanding of their chosen profession.

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