About Us

BSP Education is the training arm of American Institute of Building Science Professionals, a group of building science professionals – tradesmen, consultants, seasoned and not-so-seasoned – who want to share their knowledge and at the same time absorb more about their own trade and peripheral disciplines.

American Institute of Building Science Professionals, LLC is the corporate name registered by the State of Florida Divisions of Corporations. AIBSP is also a Florida DBPR provider of Mold-Related Services Continuing Education Credits.

We are people who are willing to give our knowledge, our time, our souls, our best to make the world we live in a better place. We don’t have time for people with personal agendas or positions with fancy titles. Most of us have years of experience in our respective trades and are willing to share it with those who want to learn more, about their own trade or one closely related.

The purpose of AIBSP is to create the forum for the exchange of knowledge that can be shared by all who are interested. Our primary subject matter at this time is Indoor Air Quality and will expand as the participants within the forum demand. YES, this is your forum and it depends on you.